24-7 service is provided to apartment complexes, multi and single family homes. Call us now to get a quote on your panel upgrade or hot tub installation.

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Services Include


Apartment Complexes & Multi Family Homes

We regularly service several apartment complexes, often at a moment’s notice. We communicate with the complex manager, maintenance manager, and tenant to get the job done in a timely manner. 


Panel Upgrades

Let us upgrade the old and unsafe panel in your house to one with more breaker spaces and 200 amps.


Hot Tub Installations

We can quickly give you a quote and begin work to get you soaking in no time.


Chargepoint Electric Vehicle Chargers

Transform your home or business into an EV-friendly haven with our expert installation of ChargePoint electric vehicle chargers, ensuring efficient and reliable charging for your electric vehicles.


I want to thank Green Electric for there fast response time and professional installation of my new wiring for my hot water heater. The office staff and electricians were a pleasure to work with. I am very satisfied with the work that was done and highly recommend Green Electric next time you need an electrician. Thank you very much. You guys are the best.

Joe Szeredy

Green electric installed my brand new hot tub within five hours and did a fabulous job. They laid the conduit and they put in all the electrical required  They even put in the straps to tie down our cover. They were efficient they were professional and they were done in record time. Highly recommend this company. They also had the best most competitive bid. Andy Sinchak and his crew are great.

Lani R.